What is GroWzeri.com

GroWzeri.com (Nalangam Private Limited) a chennai based online grocery supermarket is here to cater to all your grocery and household needs at best quality and lowest prices. With over 5,000+ products and all top brands in our product list, you will find all that is required for a household at your door step. We sell Groceries, Household products, Breakfast & Dairy products Beauty, Health& Hygiene products, Fruits & Vegetables at various convenient time slots. Select your product from a wide range of choice available in each category and be assured of best in class quality and prices below MRP. We offer multiple time slots for delivery of your choice and convenience, anywhere in Chennai.

Why GroWzeri.com?

GroWzeri.com offers convenient grocery shopping from your home or office at ease. Avoid the chaos of traffic, parking, waiting time for billing and aching pains by ordering your daily essentials with us. Use our “GROLIST” to place your order in no time and be hassle free. With no compromise on quality and lowest prices, we provide everything at your door step at the time slot chosen by you.

Worry not when you do not know the English word for an item! Click “Thamizhil” in our app and website to get the item & product list in your favourite language “Tamil”.